Bodymind Balance Success Stories

  • Ruth Ann, Bodymind Balance Testimonials

    As an active adult, I have had numerous gym memberships. BMB differs from traditional gyms given its individualized Pilates' classes. I first attended private sessions with Ray two years ago to learn the basics, then enrolled in twice weekly classes. Ray is an exceptional instructor. Her body knowledge is amazing. She is cross between a health professional and physical therapist. She tailors each exercise for members of the class given their specific injury or weakness. She has helped me though a back injury. The Tuesday class at 9:00 a.m. and Thursday class at 9:30 a.m. are filled with a delightful mix of people-all very friendly and supportive. My core is strengthened and my fitness level greatly increased. Given core strength, all other exercise (walking, running, skiing, swimming) is enhanced. I love Ray and highly recommend her instruction. I love my classmates and look forward to seeing them.

    Ruth Ann
  • Helena DeLiberais Donlevy , Bodymind Balance Testimonials

    The Best. I recommend to everyone I take classes with Ray, she is awesome.

    Helena DeLiberais Donlevy
  • Bill Belko, Bodymind Balance Testimonials

    Great workouts, wonderful instructors... not just for girls!

    Bill Belko
  • I suffered a severe spinal injury that resulted in loss of balance and mobility. Walking was difficult and painful. The programs at BodyMind Balance including Pilates and Z-Health have changed my life. My balance is restored, I have greater mobility, increased endurance, less pain and most importantly I am able to engage with my grandchildren and even ride a bicycle. Things I didn’t think I would be able to do again. The results I am getting training at BodyMind Balance have profoundly improved my quality of life. I am so thankful I found BodyMind Balance and the exceptionally caring expert instructors.

    Asher Goldberg
  • Lindsey James, Bodymind Balance Testimonials

    I LOVE taking classes here. Ray is amazing and it's such an incredible workout.

    Lindsey James
  • A year after bilateral hip replacement surgery, I was frustrated by persistent stiffness and poor mobility. Peter Gibbs, the owner of BodyMind Balance, designed an exercise program for me that included mobility and balance training, core strengthening through Pilates, stretching and Yoga that has allowed me a quality of life not attainable with conventional P.T. I had tried. I am forever indebted to Peter Gibbs and his staff for such dramatic improvements in my quality of life and continued career and an interventional cardiologist.

    Rock Wholey, M.D.
  • I came to BodyMind Balance and experienced a truly personalized approach different from anything I had encountered before. I have less pain, move better, am stronger and able to manage the physical demands of my practice better. I recommend anyone cleared for physical activity by their doctor who experiences limitations with movement or chronic discomfort or pain to call BodyMind Balance.

    Wayne Glazier, M.D.
  • I am a surgeon and had debilitating back pain after an injury. At a point when I could barely walk, I came to BodyMind Balance and found help that I didn’t find anywhere else and I got better. I can move, walk up stairs, do my surgical work all without pain. I can’t say enough about how significantly Pilates at BodyMind Balance has helped me. It has changed my life.

    John Shufflebarger, M.D.
  • I came to BodyMind Balance after I herniated a disc. I started to see benefits very quickly. Since I started I haven’t had any back pain at all. Therapeutic exercise at BodyMind Balance has enhanced my ability to work, enabled me to live my life pain free, to have more energy and to do things that I hadn’t been able to do in a long time. It’s made all the difference in the world. People need to know about this great resource because it can change their lives.

    Dennis Arinella, M.D.

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